Do the Benefits of Facial Recognition Outweigh the Concerns?

We see a lot of trends in the tech world from time to time. Some of these stays, while the others just...

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a user-centric, human-focused approach to solving problems. Experts and scholars have long viewed it as a “solution-based approach” to...

Why DevOps is imperative to Innovation

IT companies involve many moving parts, whether it is programming the actual code that comprises the product or the personnel that is...
Why Design Thinking is Imperative to Innovation

Why Design Thinking is Imperative to Innovation

Design thinking is one of the most useful mental models to create new products or services. It gets to the core of...
Design Thinking

Why Design Thinking Matters in Digital Transformations

The business environment today is less defined by whether a firm “works in technology” or not. All businesses must embrace the power...
Digital Empathy

Why Empathy Matters in the Digital Age

The digital age has unlocked massive opportunities for creators. We are truly living in a remarkable period of creativity and innovation, where...
XLA Customer Experiences

eXperience Level Agreements, an introduction

If you work in the IT Sector, you likely have heard of the service level agreements (“SLA”). SLAs, with underlying KPIs, can...

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