Is B2B the North Star for 5G Revenue?

The industry has long awaited the real beginning of the 5G era, a much-hyped technology that promised supersonic broadband speeds and teased...

The Future of Wearables

Wearable technology has quickly moved from a novelty reserved for early adopters and gadget aficionados to a disruptive force that will impact...
machine learning

Machine Learning in 2020

IntroductionAs we continue our digital transformation journey and just headed into 2020, we will go over each Technology...
Machine Learning in Manufacturing

Machine Learning in Manufacturing

The 21st century has been characterized by a series of new innovations which has drastically changed many business environments. Increased connectivity, far-evolved...

5G accelerates Digital Transformations

One of the most prominent megatrends in our world today centers on the development of 5G accelerates digital transformations. This technology has...
Nanobots again Cancer

Nanobots Curing Cancer?

While we are living in an unprecedented level of digital disruption, we still face significant threats and challenges to our health and...

What Are Drones?

One of the most iconic science fiction movies ever is The Terminator. Not only is it an entertaining movie with a legendary cast, but the...
Smart Cities

What Are Smart Cities?

Whether you live in a huge metropolitan city or a smaller city in your state, urban living is full of opportunities. You...
AI and Machine Learning

What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

One of the disruptive technologies that has gained increasingly more attention after the turn of the century is Machine Learning. Machine Leaning...
3d Printing

3D Printers, Why it matter to all of us!

In this era of disruptive innovation and technological megatrends, one of the most game-changing opportunities centers on 3D printers (printing). The idea...

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